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  • A Great Sales Book

    I was chatting with a client the other day. We were talking about sales and how sales, of course, is the most important part of your business. And he said he had tried to hire a salesperson in the past because he just didn’t assume that he was going to be the best person for… View Article

  • Tweaking Your Pricing Strategy

    Let’s talk about pricing. Now, I know everybody talks about the three-tiered pricing and different pricing strategies and when you usually put it put there, it’s like oh, and then we’re done. But what I really want to highlight and we just had a retreat and one of the members of the mastermind for the… View Article

  • All Recommended Books by Millionaires

    When I first launched “Eventual Millionaire” back in March 2010, I did so by announcing a goal of becoming a millionaire on my terms, which included to be debt-free, live a lifestyle I wanted, and be able to pursue my passions while building a net worth with two commas in it. “I didn’t really care”… View Article

  • Extreme Ownership With Ryan Moffett

    How to break out on your own and win in a tough niche like trading and fund managing. The big lies of “overnight success” and what it actually takes to…

  • Coaching Session With Lain: What My Resistant To Beta Calls REALLY Means

    YES. This week we dive back into the beta calls… because I’m resisting! I bet you want to smack me about now. I don’t blame you! I want to smack me, too.

  • Coaching Session With Lain: Why You Can’t Short Cut The Beta Process!

    Have you ever wanted to just get a product launched asap? So much so that even though it’s late on a Sunday night, you decide to send out an “interest email” to your hot leads thinking? this might just work!

  • Making Sales Great Again With Ryan Stewman

    The ONE thing you should start doing right now to make your sales great. How to find the right people that WANT what you’re selling AND have the money to…

  • Strategy For the Long Game With Raj Bhaskar

    Why it took Raj only 5 years to start doubling his revenue. (And is it possible to speed this up for you?) This one thing you need to do in year one of…

  • Build A Lean Mean Sales Machine With Steli Efti

    How to build a sales funnel that drives in millions of revenue. Customer development vs sales… which one is better, are they the same thing? The …

  • How To Grow Your Revenue with Same Side Selling With Ian Altman

    Ian Altman has an amazing and ethical selling technique. We go through step by step exactly what you need to do in any sales situation to make everyone …