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If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you’re in the right place.

  • What is it that makes millionaires different?
  • How can I find my genius and use it to hit my first million?
  • How can I rub elbows with millionaires and thought leaders?

  • How do I double my revenue without sacrificing the most important things in my life?
  • How do millionaires use their time so effectively?
  • Do millionaires have different habits than most?

Meet Jaime Masters

I’m Jaime Masters, The Eventual Millionaire.

This is my story

Since I was just a little girl drawing brooks and streams in my backyard in the forests of Maine, my goal has been the exact same: I want to enjoy my life and my future, too.

So far, it’s been a crazy trip. I’m a bit of an overachiever. My mantra when I was 8 was “progress”. I grew up taking every advanced program my school offered, from gifted art and music programs to computer programming. These classes brought me enjoyment, new skills, and the ability to work toward a bigger, more efficient next-year, consider this the spark that birthed Eventual Millionaire.

Both of my parents hated their jobs, and it pained me to watch them work so hard for our family without ever finding a break or windfall. I remember wishing on a shooting star…wishing that my mom could take time off from work and be home with us for the holidays.

“When I was a little girl and I can remember so clearly wishing on a shooting star that my mom could come home and not work during the holidays. I knew that when I grew up, I would find a way to do both-be a mom AND do work I loved.”

So I set out to find a better way.

By the age of 19 I was a homeowner, worked full-time, and was enrolled at the Rochester Institute of Technology, at first majoring in Medical Illustration (then switched to get a degree in IT).

Everything was fine!

At 21 years old, I was married to my high school sweetheart with two dogs and a white picket fence. The 60 hours weeks were taking their toll.The next year, I was earning six figures, had a fancy expense account, and started spending as if I made GREAT money, but I didn’t feel any better. Plus, I’d gained 25lbs from neglecting myself (and eating out all of the time).

By the time I turned the ripe age of 24, I had amassed over $70,000 in debt, bought my second house, and had to stay in the job I couldn’t stand because I had so many bills to pay. I knew right then This was not the idea of “goal achievement” I had in mind.

The money wasn’t enough?

For awhile, I thought money, making it and spending itwas the ticket to happiness, freedom, and jobs that I would never hate. Even with a great income, my future looked bleak. I hated those days. Before long, I wound up exactly where I didn’t want to be.

I hated my work. Period.

I had given so much of my life to just earning money…and for what? I had some cool stuff, sure. But I was also stuck in airports all the time, and when I was home I dreaded Sunday nights, they marked the beginning of yet another dreadful work week.

What I learned?

In 16 months, I created a plan to pay off the debt so that I could quit my job and pursue the work I enjoyed a life worth far more than a million dollars. So I updated my goals. I hit the books. I re-enrolled in my future. I actually gave up my goal of a million, I wanted to discover the work AND the life I loved. Screw the money, life was more important.

In 2006 I decided to crush my debt and quit my job. I read a massive amount of books and websites about how to do it. The world of personal finance and entrepreneurship opened up to me.

I got back my to my roots, my real desires, my right-now, and my future…

By April of 2007 I was able to give my notice at my job. I took time off to find out which work excited me. And guess what? I found it. I tried a lot of things that failed, and then found a mentor that sold a million dollar business and had been a business coach for over 5 years. He took me under my wing for years while I learned the ropes of business.

What’s happening now?

I adore my life. Once I realized I could enjoy my life AND make more money – I added the goal of a million back in. Yes there will always be things that come up. Two amazing children that had horrible colic, and never slept. Multiple surgeries for weird things that most people don’t have to deal with. I ended up getting a divorce a few years ago (after 15 years together). Thank goodness we are still great friends to this day!

But that is all a part of the growth process! I don’t have a million-dollar net worth yet. But I now go after the challenges as an adventure. I make my own choices, and I enjoy the journey.

I work with six and seven-figure entrepreneurs to make their life and business better. More enjoyment daily and more money. Getting through the crazy entrepreneur problems with more ease. There are simple things that I’ve learned that make all the difference in business – and that’s what I want to show you too.

I am Jaime Masters, The Eventual Millionaire. I’ve interviewed over 350+ millionaires and billionaires, and I’ve been helping business owners make things more simple and more profitable for the last 10 years.

The reason why I’ve interviewed over 350 multimillionaire entrepreneurs isn’t for the money. I’m searching for the experiences, stories, and resources these leaders have used to make millionaire money. I’ve learned that these tools will never disappear, you don’t have to fuel them, maintain them, or buy more of them. Once you know how to make a million, nobody can take it away from you…

Each week I bring to you a new millionaire to learn from, providing you with their best tactics, resources and advice for growing your business.

I’m a brown belt and a fighter (Muay Thai and BJJ), proud lover of UFC, a professional writer and a business coach, a Comic-Con fanatic, sought-after world speaker, an interviewer of one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes, and most fun of all a mother. My goal to enjoy life is still the same…but I find enjoyment in different ways than just making money. (Making money is still fun too though!)

I want huge impact. I want to change the economy. I want to help people love their journey to one million and beyond. I want to show the world how to save time. I want to bring every mom home for the holidays. I want to empower hopes into superhuman powers!

About me

Jaime Masters

Business coach, author, and professional speaker Jaime Masters has hosted one-on-one interviews with over 450 millionaires and billionaires.

She made her exit from the corporate world after finding herself $70,000 in debt and realizing that she hated her job. With an ambitious goal and a strategic plan, she was out of the debt and the job she hated in just 16 months. Now, Jaime helps others find the freedom, money, and work they love.

“I like to help people put money back in its place. Where people control money and money doesn’t control people.”

Distilling the knowledge and advice from her weekly millionaire interviews, her bestselling book is a detailed account of the stories, motivations, and actionable steps millionaires use to create success. The book, Eventual Millionaire: How Anyone Can Be an Entrepreneur and Successfully Grow Their Startup.

Her work with millionaires has also garnered the attention of media giants, such as:Yahoo Finance (6x homepage feature), and (5x), SUCCESS Magazine, Entrepreneur, Women’s Health Magazine, TIME,CNN, Business Insider and more.

Jaime Masters is available for speaking engagements, interviews, business opportunities, and coaching and consulting. Her areas of expertise include business, finance, strategic entrepreneurship, sales and marketing online and offline and scaling a business to $10 million.

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” Jaime’s knowledge, extensive network and insight is like dynamite!”

“I owe Jaime and the Eventual Millionaire team beers for life!”

Joey Korenman

“I had my first 5-figure month in 2 months of working with Jaime!”

Sarah Petterson