Coaching Session With Lain: What My Resistant To Beta Calls REALLY Means

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beta calls

YES. This week we dive back into the beta calls.

…because I’m resisting!

I bet you want to smack me about now.

I don’t blame you! I want to smack me, too.

Thank goodness for these coaching sessions because, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why I was struggling so much with these beta calls.


We dive deep into why this beta is causing me grief. We talk about the obvious resistance about doing these calls (basically, that I feel like a telemarketer who is taking and not giving value!).

We discuss if I need to lower my May income goal from $25,000 due to some unforeseen client situations (people changing business models, delaying working with me, etc.) and when to let them off the hook, and when to hold them to the contract. –

We also talk about the balance between hustling and burning out – and how to respond to what’s happening in order to keep from killing myself with work.

I also make some “ugh, this tastes awful” faces. But, I’ll recover. šŸ™‚

Topics Covered

  • May income challenge – do I need to lower my goal?
  • That darned beta and how to move forward
  • What to do with recalcitrant clients
  • What to do with clients who don’t pay


Action Items

  • 3 beta calls
  • Creating an SOP for non-payment


In Reflection

One of the best things about these calls is that I can’t avoid the resistance that’s staring me in the face. If I weren’t working with Jaime, I might just say, “Yeah, it’s not working out with those calls?” and then I’d move on to something else without fully exploring WHY it’s not working and what I can do in response. But, when I sit there in the hot seat with the camera running, it’s right there in front of my face! I have to face up to my own resistance and limitations.

And while that kind of sucks, it’s a recipe for growth.

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