Coaching Session With Lain: Why You Can’t Short Cut The Beta Process!

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This session can be summarized in:

BETA IS A FOUR-LETTER WORD! I tried to shortcut the process and it didn’t go too well.


Have you ever wanted to just get a product launched ASAP?

So much so that even though it’s late on a Sunday night, you decide to send out an ‘interest email’ to your hot leads thinking? this might just work!

Busted! This week I connect with Jaime about how I tried to shortcut the beta process and how it turned around to bite me! Jaime also jumps in with key learnings and vital takeaways for me to implement.

But before we dive into my beta project?.

Jaime talks to me about upping my game. Now that more of my business pieces are falling into place, she wants me to get some smaller projects managed including:

  • Getting a domain-oriented email address instead of gmail
  • Creating SOP’s (standard operating procedures)
  • Pushing myself in different ways

We also talk about the May Income Challenge that Jaime ran with her mastermind group, Millionaire Masters, which she invited me to participate in. On the call, I set an ambitious goal, and we broke it down into the specifics of how I could achieve it.

Topics Covered

  • May Income Challenge: How can I hit my biggest month yet?
  • What happens when you don’t listen to Jaime about doing the beta calls and try to use a shortcut!
  • How to handle negative emails
  • How to separate the research from the sales so I don’t feel the pressure to sell while I’m still determining what my program or course is going to be


Action Items

  • Change my email address
  • Lay out a plan for the $25,000 May income challenge
  • Beta calls. Beta calls. Beta calls!


In Reflection

It’s so interesting to see how challenging these beta calls are – and I love how Jaime doesn’t let me off the hook. I want to grow and expand, and to do that, sometimes I need to be pushed. I also like how she’s always encouraging me on different fronts. We don’t JUST talk about the beta. We don’t JUST talk about prospecting/. And because we’re moving forward in many areas of my business, I always feel like I’m making progress, even if one particular area (BETA!) isn’t where I want it to be.

Thanks for watching!

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One response

  • Loved this interview, thanks for sharing the nuts and bolts of your business with us Lain! It reinforced the need to get idea validation before pressing ahead with course creation. I definitely think this is where I’ve gone wrong in the past.

    Would be awesome if it would be possible to get a copy of your email inviting people to hop on a call with you to discuss their pain points Jamie. I want to create an online course, and this is just the kind of research I need to do to create something that my customers want.

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