• Customizing your Personal Development using the 5AM Club Framework with Robin Sharma

    Episode highlights: Learn the 20/20/20 formula that starts at 5:00 AM, how to figure out and customize your own personal development and self-mastery based on your preferences, what are the four interior empires of personal development, how to implement the twin cycles of elite performance for maximum productivity, learn how to be the best leader for your people…

  • When Nothing Else Relieves Stress At Work

    When nothing else relieves stress at work, that’s actually the tagline of these. I’ll talk about these in just a second. I’m in the business of helping people relax by creating systems. But if you haven’t already heard of kava, now these are called kava-kava candy. You can actually get it on Amazon. I just… View Article

  • What’s the Nocebo Effect?

    Do you know what the nocebo effect is and how it can affect you in business? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of the placebo effect before. Let me give you a quick example. So, my son, who’s 11, ended up taking a test in math class. He got like a 30, really, really bad, and… View Article

  • From Zero to Six figures in 12 months with Sigrun

    Episode Highlights: How to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship, the BIG catalyst that made her business from zero to six figures in a year, what is the line between giving value and over-delivering, how to switch from your first to your zone of genius niche…

  • Can Perfectionism Be Cured?

    I’m a recovering perfectionist. I was also an art major. I started in medical illustration before I switched over to computers, which most people don’t understand. So abstract artwork is not something I would ever do, but what its been teaching me, very wonderfully, is to let the hell go! Instead of being a perfectionist,… View Article

  • Want To Develop Supernatural Talents

    How do you get better and better and better and become supernatural? Well, I have many clients that pay me lots of money to try and get that extra edge. How could I be better? They’ve done tons of personal development pieces. They really are trying to tweak some of the main pieces of this…. View Article

  • Selects Edition: Your Day Your Way With Matt Aitchison

    Episode highlights: The “AHA” moment that changed everything for Matt, what is the PTFAR model and how it can help you break free from habits that are limiting you, why it’s not always smart to leverage out your weaknesses… and what you should do instead, this one “weird trick” has made Matt 5x better entrepreneur and business owner, there’s four levels of competence: which one are you?, the one crazy spreadsheet that can help you create “your day your way.”…

  • How To Use Your Company Values At Home

    You’ve all heard, hopefully, how important company values are, and I took a different spin on it. Now, I have a company values also in a painting that’s actually upstairs in my office. But down here, we also have family values. So, one night I decided to sit with my kiddos and really get clear… View Article

  • I Dare You to Delete

    If you’re watching this, I’m challenging you to delete Facebook off of your phone, right now. Last year, I was in Bangkok, Thailand and did a speech in front of hundreds of people. And I had them all hold up their phone like this, “Oh, who has a phone. Does everybody have a phone? Awesome…. View Article

  • Laser Coaching Show: Letting Go and Trusting Your Team with Caleb Irmler

    Here are the things he wanted to get out from this session: How to have a work-life balance while scaling his business, how to establish an AMAZING A-Player Team and hire only the best, how to effectively market his business through networking…