• How My Client Got On CBS And USA Today

    The quick tip for today is how one of my clients actually got on CBS, an LA radio show, plus in Travel and Leisure, and USA Today from one thing. What was that one thing? Well, I make most of my clients use it because this is really important and easy, but it takes a… View Article

  • Stop Letting Yourself Down

    Is it easier for you to let yourself down than it is to let your clients down? Well, I was chatting with one of my clients the other day and we were talking about going all in 100%, and how it really is so much easier to go 100% for your clients or your customers… View Article

  • The vacation effect with Denise Gosnell

    Episode Highlights: Learn how Denise developed “The Vacation Effect”, The secret in running 3 businesses 3 different industries by working just 3 days a week, What is scheduling experiment (and how to implement it), How freedom is a mindset, and not a destination, Learn the better way to have growth in you personal and business life, Difference of male and female business owners (productivity wise), How to figure out the flow of your freedom days, What life event made Denise shift from being a workaholic to living in freedom, Tips in delegating to your team…

  • Stop Confusing Your Customers

    One of the very first things I do with a new client is to ask them what are their products and pricing and packaging so that way I get a good understanding of the business. And you’d be surprised how many times I listen to them and I have no idea what’s what. Now, if… View Article

  • Save Your Energy – How to Stop Worrying

    You want to know one thing that will not only save you energy, it will save you time, and it will make you a happier member of your family, in general? It’s to stop worrying. Now, I used to be a huge worrywart, and I still am occasionally, I was the type of kid that… View Article

  • The trust equation with Josh Turner

    Episode highlights: Learn the four pillars of trust equation, Tips on building relationships with new prospects and maintaining relationships with existing network and connections, What is Connect 365 (and how to use it), How to efficiently segment your list and communicate to it, Tips and tricks on having a high open rate and engagement from your list, What are the constraints in using LinkedIn as a marketing channel…

  • Dealing with Employee Mistakes

    Mistakes, yea, we all make them, myself included, and one of the tough things about having a team or even children or whatever it is, a relationship, is that when there are lots and lots of mistakes, if something happens, we start to focus on the negative. It’s just the way our brains work. We… View Article

  • Why You Need to Systematize Your Business Process (And How to do it Right)

    This is a guest post written by Owen McGab Enaohwo the CEO and Co-Founder of SweetProcess; see more about him and his company below! Do you feel that you spend more time on some activities in your business? Are there some repetitive tasks in your business such as product creation, customer service, or marketing that… View Article

  • When You’re Feeling Unmotivated….

    Please, pat yourself on the back for all the amazing hard work you have done as a business owner so far. I know, because I work behind the scenes on hundreds of businesses. I know how hard you work. And not only how hard you work, how crazy it can be in your brain when… View Article

  • Energy solutions for better results with Sheevaun Moran

    Episode highlights: Learn more of Energetic Solutions®, What is quantum energy, Strategies of energy solutions for better results in business and life, What is energy cutting (and tips on how to implement it), How to overcome ADD, Strategies to maximize the use of Trello, How to deal with task switching in a day, How to reshuffle and prioritize all the things to do in a day, Stories of entrepreneurs Sheevaun helped in their business and life, Learn how to be financially independent by lining up your energy, Know yourself through energy alignment, How to grow and scale your business through your energy…