How To Keep Delegating The Right Way

How to Delegate – the Simple Process – “Are you delegating everything you should? Most likely the answer is NO – even if you have been delegating for awhile. Business owners can get in a rut of just doing what they’ve always done. Step back and do this exercise to get clarity on everything YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING YOURSELF!

I have created a one-page worksheet for you to really take a look at your current tasks and how you can save yourself some time and headache by taking some responsibilities off of your plate.

In this worksheet, write down tasks that you can think of that someone else could do.

For example:

  • Respond to client/customer emails
  • Manage your social media accounts
  • Write simple blog posts
  • Make sales calls
  • Manage your calendar appointments
  • Assist with technical issues
  • Take a course/training for you
  • Create a marketing campaign
  • Manage your customer management software

Next, you have to figure out how much you would pay someone to do that task for you.

This varies depending on a few factors, the task assigned, where you live, their experience, and your budget.

For example, you could pay someone $15-20 an hour to answer customer emails. If they were going to take over some coaching however, that would be more in the $500 an hour range.

Lastly, is time tracking. If you want to really nail down task delegation, keep track of how much time to spend on each task. Tie tracking tools such as RescueTime and Toggl are great resources for this.

When I first start working with clients, I ALWAYS have them track their time. This can be a real eye-opener. Often time people don’t realize how much time they are spending on the simple things.

They usually hate me at first for it- but they love me later!”

Once you have tracked you time for a couple days, pick one to three tasks that you would feel comfortable delegating to someone else.

Learning to delegate is crucial to your business and moving it to the next level. Even if we could work 24 hours a day, we can’t do it all ourselves. Delegating tasks will equal more money in less time and growing your business. Because let’s face it, you are an eventual millionaire, so start to take those steps towards your million.


Action Items:

  1. Download the How to Delegate Worksheet
  2. Download either RescueTime or Toggl and track your time for at LEAST 2 days
  3. On the worksheet, write down the tasks that you do in a day
  4. On the worksheet, write down how much you would pay someone else to do that task
  5. After you have tracked your time for at least 2 days, add that to the worksheet for each individual task
  6. Delegate to the right person on your team at least 3 of the tasks taking up your time. If you don’t have someone yet, find someone! [I’ll make an upcoming video on how to find someone too! šŸ™‚ ]


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2 responses

  • Hooray! Jaime so glad to see you share this message, too. Hard work is inevitable but overwhelm is sooo optional. The biggest mistake I see people make when they first build their team is lack of awareness. When you are unclear about how you work best it’s tough to pick team members who can support you well.

    The second mistake I see that wastes so much money is failing to let go. We all do it but you can learn how to stop so that you get the full value of your team. My work is about helping to get ready- practically and emotionally.

    I listen to your podcast religiously (thanks for all you do!). Almost EVERY guest credits building and effectively using their team as part of their success. That is a big old clue for anyone who wants to grow faster and easier. You rock, Jaime!

  • Wow,

    Thanks, it is the little things like this that really help remind me where to tweek my time and refocus my efforts.

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