Your Success Framework With Alex Charfen

Co-founder and CEO of CHARFEN – Alex Charfen

Here’s what you’ll learn about Your Success Framework:

– The reason why you still feel like a “solopreneur” even with a team around you.

– The problem with the current trend of glorifying hustle and why you must avoid it at all cost.

– The one surprising thing all billionaires have in common. (You haven’t heard THIS one yet!)

– Discover the four entrepreneurial personality types and how to leverage each one of them.

– Do you feel like your team is driving your crazy? THIS might be the reason why.

– All entrepreneurs think they’re great at THIS ONE THING… but the reality is totally different. (Discover why.)

Tune in and listen: Your Success Framework With Alex Charfen

Alex’s Website: – How Entrepreneurs Think – Entrepreneurial Personality Type eBook and Audiobook

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