Your perfect passive income stream with Rachel Richards

Best-selling author of Money Honey – Rachel Richards

Rachel Richards is a bestselling author, finance guru, real estate investor, and professional speaker. At the age of 27, Rachel quit her job and retired, living off over $10,000 per month in passive income. She has made a name for herself in the personal finance realm. She is also the bestselling author of Money Honey and Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement. Her valuable lessons have helped thousands of female millennials work their way out of financial despair. She has successfully done what no one has done before: made the topic of money management fun, entertaining, and simple.

“If you can truly protect your time and your mental health, then your chances of managing that stress are a lot better. Changing your mentality and your thoughts can absolutely change real-life outcomes.” – Rachel Richards

Episode Highlights:

  • Learn how Rachel retired at the age of 27.
  • Rachel’s real estate journey
  • Learn how Rachel wrote her books and marketed them
  • Tips for writing and launching your book with little stress
  • The common problems that millennials have with money
  • Learn how to block your time and prioritize
  • Learn how to find your perfect passive income stream



Free Passive Income Bonus Gift
Money Honey
Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement
Published by Chandler Bolt
You Must Write a Book by Honoree Corder
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

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