How Long Did It Take the Millionaires to Do It? Plus More Q&A! With Jaime Tardy

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I get interviewed a lot. And I answer a lot of email from wonderful people like you.

I wanted to go ahead and answer a few of them! Including what is the average length of time my interviewees took to become a millionaire.

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Hi Iā€™m Jaime. Each and every week I bring you the top business advice from the people who know best.

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5 responses

  • Thanks for the advice. I saw the interview that Ryan Blair did on Youtube.
    It was pretty insightful.
    I will make a commitment to attend a blog world conference in the future and I will join the millionaire academy in the future as well.

    • Awesome Cheval šŸ™‚ I would love to meet you in person!

      • Looking forward to it and thanks for the book by Andrew Darbyshire. I got it in the mail yesterday and I just finished reading it today.
        I really enjoyed it.

  • Hi Jaime,

    Forgive you even though you’re not a millionaire yet. I’m sure you’ll get there one day! I really enjoyed your question and answer episode today since I’m getting into podcast interviewing. Great point about attending conferences too. I hit BlogWorld last year because it was in my backyard of LA. How many conferences do you attend in a year?

    • Thanks Buck šŸ™‚ I usually attend just a few at the most. But next year I will expect I’ll do more than usual. I’ll be in Vegas for sure! Hope to see you there!

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