Yakezie Carnival

Yakezie is a group of about 100 personal finance bloggers that I have been a member of since March. They are a great support network that are helping others learn about personal finance and handling money. Here are a few links from the group:

My favorites:

From Frugal Confessions – What Kind of Grade Would You Get on Suze Orman “How Am I Doing” Segment?

From Smart on Money – The Most Expensive Bottle Of Wine Ever Sold. Would You Drink It?

From Darwin’s Money – Black Swan Investing – Making a Fortune off Rare Events

Money Mindset and Tactics:

From Kristia at Family Balance Sheet – Our Wisest Money Decision

From Simple Financial Lifestyle – Simplify your personal finances by building a financial fortress

From Car Negotiation Coach – How to Find the Best Price on Car Tires

From Money Green Life – How Many Credit cards Should You Have?

From Bucksome Boomer – 3 Top Reasons to Have Credit Cards

From Financially Poor – 3 Debt Elimination Mindsets You Need To Have

From KNS Financial – 5 Things You Can Still Do To Increase Your Tax Refund!

From Neal at the Wealth Pilgrim – The Best College Savings Plans Just Got Better


From Saving Money Today – Resume Writing Tips
From Budgeting in the Fun Stuff ?- Fit in a Fun Friday – Scary Movies

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