Work and Peace

There is something to be said about having hectic schedules at work, they leave no time for peace! Most of us cannot find the time to relax, or even find time to be alone. Here are a few key ideas for bringing more peaceful moments into your life and work.

Breath with awareness. Conventional wisdom says to take a deep breath when you are stressed. I would suggest not only take a deep breath but breath with awareness.

Bring a deep breath in and concentrate on how it makes your body feel. Hold it for a few seconds, let it out, and again notice how your body feels. Bring awareness to the parts that feel especially good after the breath.

Be an outsider. Pretend you are an outsider looking in at the situation. Imagine yourself looking down on the situation years later. Most of the stress comes from being in the situation, but if you can remove yourself and imagine yourself outside of the situation it can give you a moment of peace.

If you are dealing with constant work, and overwhelm, think of yourself 20 years from now looking back on the situation. What do you think? Do you want to laugh at how important you thought it was at the time? What would that older you tell you?

Concentrate on one of your senses. Choose one of the 5 senses, and really pay attention to it. If you are near freshly cut grass, pull yourself away from the stress and concentrate on how it smells. If you are stuck in a traffic jam, really concentrate on how a cloud looks, or how the steering wheel feels. Concentrating on one of the five senses grounds you in reality. It can bring about an almost meditative state, which can bring that peaceful moment you need.

A peaceful moment may only be a few seconds, but if we keep seeking these moments throughout the day they will get longer and more frequent.

What do you do to find peace during hectic times? Any tips?

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4 responses

  • Great advice! I actually tend to look at my situation from an outsiders point of view quite often. Right now, when I look in I think that there is no reason as to why I should either not make my website a success of get a second job. I think this is a way to keep yourself in check, and not let yourself slip into becoming too engrossed in whatever occupies your time at the moment.

    During stressful times, I tend to just relax with a glass of wine, and a good movie. I find that just two hours can really helps take the edge away. I allow myself to become completely captivated in the movie. But then again, I’m a huge movie buff, so it may not work for everyone!

  • I’m very angry most of the time. I live on a poverty level income and rent a room in a small, old, crowded house inhabited by drunks, druggies, and bums. Turnover is high, they move out frequently but are always replaced by more of their kind. (Seems the only kind who end up here are those without enough money for anything better.) All they want to do is party down, man.

    Since they have no jobs, they never have to get up in the morning and go to work (or anywhere else), so they can be up at all hours.

    The house is noisy and there is no place where peace, quiet, and solitude can be found. All day it’s yak yak yak, stomp stomp stomp (hardwood floors), woof woof woof (barking dog), yell yell yell (drunk yelling at dog to shut up), cough cough cough hack retch belch (drunk smoker hacking and belching).

    Since I have no money I can’t afford to move. How do I get some peace and quiet and time alone?

    • I msged you already- if I were you- I would head to the library. I would be there all the time! Reading, researching, and working on a start up business to earn more income. Also listen to the Dani Johnson millionaire interview on this site. She was homeless and became a millionaire. You can get out of where you are now- just dedicate yourself to working on it! šŸ™‚ Best of luck!

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