Why Only 2% Succeed While the Other 98% Fail with Pejman Ghadimi

Founder and Author of the Third Circle Theory – Pejman Ghadimi

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Pejman GhadimiPejman’s family was forced out of Iran where he grew up and moved to Paris with his mom. She was a business owner too, and Pejman learned at a young age how hard that really was.

He rose to the top very quickly, both in the banking industry and in business, despite all of the odds against him. Discover his theory on why only 2% succeed while the other 98% fail.

His business Secret Entourage is looking to change the way people think about entrepreneurship. Being self-employed is not entrepreneurship.

From the Secret Entourage website:

“Entrepreneurship” is about vision, creation, and innovation, it’s a way of life and a means to a living. In the past decade entrepreneurship has lost its true meaning and prestige and instead has been looked at as a synonym for being self employed.

There was a time when entrepreneurs were admired for their guts and their courage and their innovative thinking for undertaking some of life’s biggest challenges and resolving them for the benefit of those around them. This selflessness that made entrepreneurs who they are and gave them their identity in the world has been changed into nothing more than a rat race for who has or can make the most money, but more importantly the world of entrepreneurship has been invaded by false opportunities.

Entrepreneurs are not defined by how much money they have made but rather by the innovations they create and the impact they make on others around them, and while most will tell you they are entrepreneurs when they have learned to master a skill that enables them to make money, that certainly isn’t true.

A true entrepreneur sees the world for what it can be, not what it is and even though there is a significant reward for entrepreneurs who see their efforts to the end, a true entrepreneur’s drive and passion never revolves around the reward but rather the journey itself, and the birth of innovation.”

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7 responses

  • This was such an enlightening and insightful interview. Wow. Great guest, Jamie!

  • Thanks again for having me on Jaime. I really enjoyed our interview.

  • yeah secret entourage is a pretty sick site

  • Really great interview Jamie, thanks for taking the time to do it. Pejman, thanks for looking out for the younger people who are hungry to see change and do something with their lives that are meaningful. Looking forward to checking out your book, and what your saying is so true about perspectives. That’s all that people need to do, just be committed, that’s it! Commitment, I believe, can solve sooooooooooo many problems in the world.

  • Oh yeah, Charity water is a great great charity. Great man of God the founder, would like to meet him one day too.

  • hey – just watched that episode of fastest car with you in. I just wanted to say I feel sorry for you, and hope at some stage you manage to defeat your insecurities and learn to appreciate others, the value in life outside of money, and also get a bit better at conveying whatever point you’re trying to make – without sounding like a budget speaker at some tacky self-promotion event.

    This was the first way I could see to get in contact with you!

    All the best and hoping you manage to find happiness

  • Would love some advice for the elderly. I am 66 years young I want to be financially set. Your mother reminds me of me except she is probably financially set. I want to take what little money I have and invest it right. There has to be some way to give the elderly hope and financial knowledge.

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