Why Do You Work?

Why Do You Work?

When asked this question most people hesitantly say, “Well, for the money!”? as if it were obvious but not something they wanted to say out loud.

Money is a very good reason to go to work every day since we need it to survive, but we spend so many hours of our lives working. Dedicating time to figure out how we can spend those hours doing what we enjoy is vital.

Why Do I Work?

From being a pizza girl in high school to working my way up to project manager, I’ve always liked a few parts of every job. But there was a point in my life when I asked the question, “Why do I work?”? and once I knew the answer I could never go back.

I was working for the money, and because work was what I was supposed to be doing. I was supposed to climb the corporate ladder and become successful, right?

Why do you work? Try to think of other reasons besides the money. Do you like getting out of the house each day? Do you like working with people? Do you work because you don’t see any other way to achieve and feel successful? Do you work because it fulfills you?

What Would You Change?

So I asked myself, ‘What do you want to change about it?”?

I wanted to be excited to get up and go to work every day. (I didn’t even know if it was possible but I thought it would be a great goal to have!)

As a project manager, I worked for a video on demand company. I was making it easier for people to watch more TV, and I helped the cable companies make more money. It wasn’t exactly fulfilling work.

I wanted to be doing something that contributed to society and made this world a better place. I wanted to feel appreciated, and that I was doing something beneficial for other people.

So what would you change? Why do you want to work? Do you want to work to fulfill a purpose? Do you want to contribute? Do you want to provide the best life for you and your family?

These questions began a year of hard decisions and choices for me. Questions like these can really upset the balance that you currently have in your home. Finding enjoyable work is harder mentally then going out and finding a new job, but the results are well worth the effort.

Do you ask yourself these questions? Or have you in the past?

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7 responses

  • Why do I work? It’s a question I’ve asked myself often over the last 3 years. The easy answer is “I need the money”, but more specifically I need to make sure that life continues moving as scheduled for those that depend on the money I bring in. I like being around people, but the work that I do does not bring me into contact with many people. I like helping people, but the work that I do only helps people indirectly. I do not like spending my time and energy doing work that does not really even matter to the people who task me to do it. I believe in working because I need to feel like I’m bringing something positive to the world.

    So if I were to change something, it would be everything.

    • Ah! So how are you going to change it?

  • Well blogging has actually been a great start for me. It helped get my mind thinking again and valuing my time more. At the same time as I blog, I started collaborating and spending time with like-minded people. The energy gained from that alone is incredible.

    Making my time and sanity invaluable is the first step, the second being to change the way I look at my debt. Seeing it as the roadblock that I’ve always read it is, is important because without the weight of it I’d have a lot more flexibility to do meaningful work AND keep my responsibilities.

    So I guess that’s my plan… well part of it at least. =)

    • Excellent! It’s amazing what a brain does when you can give it time to think. Especially with like minded people.

      That’s a great first step. As a coach I tell people that they have to take care of themselves FIRST. Before anyone. You can take care of everyone else better if you are taken care of.

      So I have a suggestion.. (which you can totally reject if you want)

      Figure out the rest of the plan. šŸ™‚

  • There’s a good test for this. If you won enough on the lottery to never have to work again, what would choose to do with your time?

    If there’s any way to incorporate that into your “work” then you’ve truly found your passion and will have success.

    • I love that Mike! You can only sit on a beach for so long before you want to do something more with your life. šŸ™‚

      I really liked the free ebook Zero Hour Work Week by Illuminated Mind. Zero hours because you are doing what you love, that sums it up for me!

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