What Tim Ferriss Doesn’t Know About Life Style Design


What is Life Style Design?

Life Style Design is actively pursing your ideal life style. Life style is a broad topic and can range from working from home, traveling, to being able to sleep in until noon. It is about your situation, and how to arrange your time to make the best life possible.

The King of Life Style Design

I think I love Tim Ferriss as much as the next business person because of the great tips he had in the book the 4 hour work week. He was one of the first to really promote life style design. He took months in Argentina and became a professional salsa dancer, he trained to be a Chinese kick boxing champion, and he takes long mini-retirements to enjoy the world.

Lifestyle design is to actively seek out and live your ideal life on your terms. The 4 hour work week is a must read in general to change your thinking about how you live your life.

But Lifestyle Design isn’t Always Salsa Dancing in Argentina.

I read the book when my son was a year old, and to be honest, I was jealous! Even if I did all of the things in his book, I wouldn’t be salsa dancing in Argentina. I loved my life and the situation I was in but my priorities to my?family were different. What does lifestyle design mean for a family?

Does anyone talk about the lifestyle design of a stay at home mom? Or a family that is home as soon as the kids get off the bus? What about the idea of taking your whole family on a picnic at the lake on a Tuesday afternoon?

That’s actually what I did this past Tuesday. My family is home, all together for most of the week. To me, this is life style design. It’s not glamorous, but it is amazing.

What Life Style Design Means to Me

I was a stay at home mom for awhile, and realized that while I loved being home with the kids, it’s hard work! I wanted to be able to have my husband home too. So once I started working 20 hours per week, we figured out a way to make it possible to have random days within the week free for the family.

We have the freedom to go on a two month trip to Spain if we want (saving up and paying cash!). Or to take a trip to visit family in Virginia next week if we want to. We have the freedom to live on our terms, and not have to ask a boss or anyone else to make these decisions.

These choices are not on the same level of becoming the next salsa dancing champion in my mind. I see them as being a lot deeper. I have a chance to show my children another world, to have both my husband and I?really shape them by example, not only after 5pm. It’s spending the time with my family on my terms because it is exactly what I wanted.

I remember when I was younger, wishing my mom would have a day off to spend time with me. I don’t want my children to have to wish that. Time is the one thing we can’t make more of.

Tim Ferriss is an amazing author and I hope he has a bunch of kids at some point so he can create an updated version. (Maybe it will be called.. the 168 hour parenting week!)

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3 responses

  • I love this article, while it’s true Tim Ferriss is awesome, his life isn’t for everyone. Some people appreciate the smaller things in life.

    As I’m sure Tim does too, I love to travel myself, but I am single and have ni kids. I can appreciate a stay at home mom and dad however, and if I did have kids I would probably do the same as you.

    Either way though, I love promoting a lifestyle of your own design, awesome article.

  • I just stumbled onto your article. I have read Tim’s book and I am currently making changes. Tim’s book was amazing and taught me a lot. It has brought creativity out that I never knew I had. I have two kids and my lifestyle design is similar to what you described here. It’s refreshing to see that someone has utilized the ideas and created a life that is not full of go – go – go. Just a simple life with the ability to go when we want.

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