Jean Marie Kokhanovski

My business seen significant increases across our KPI's while in Hustlers. (20% increase in monthly revenue, 189% increase in monthly site visitors, 106% increase in monthly membership signups, and 390% increase in monthly email list opt-ins).

Perhaps even more importantly, my partner and I grew exponentially in clarity of vision, confidence, strategy, and systems. This clarity also revealed the biggest obstacles we have to attaining our goals, and laid out tangible, productive actions to take every day to remove those obstacles and accelerate our growth. Our biggest takeaway from this workshop is now our daily mantra: what you measure, you move!

Mary Kathryn Johnson

Hustlers has allowed me to land more clients, and make more money in the first 30 days of Hustlers than all the previous months of 2014 COMBINED! Thank You Jaime!

This is the first significant investment I have made in myself and my business, and it has been worth every penny! Thanks to Jaime and Kendra, within the first month of Hustlers, I secured a client I would not have been able to secure prior to Hustlers that paid for the cost of the course plus 50%! I can only imagine what the second half will bring, and, consequently, the amazing heights my business will reach!