Using Your Brain To Breakthrough In Business with Dr. Matt Mannino

Keynote Speaker & Personal Transformation Coach. Created the Quantum Emergence System – Dr. Matt Mannino

Dr-Matt-Mannino-Headshot-204Dr. Matt Mannino built one of the largest solo Chiropractic practices in the nation. In addition to astounding business success, he teaches accelerated learning techniques and high impact experimental presentations to truly transform lives and business. In todays interview, we ask questions like – how does your BRAIN deal with business? How can you leverage SCIENCE to help you learn more effectively and perform? Tune in to discover easy and interesting brain science tips to help you CRUSH it in life and business!

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4 responses

  • Great topic with great take-way. I posted on FB that this reminded me of the 2010 classic The Book of Est, which chronicles an EST course in which they broke into groups to discuss the functions of the human mind (automatic things like keeping the heart beating and lungs breathing, getting input from all the senses, storing memories, making decisions, storing those decisions as beliefs etc..) Then they discussed the PURPOSE of the human mind. After much discussion they narrowed it down to SURVIVAL (Matt says safety). Then they asked “If the purpose of the mind was survival, why then do people do, or not do things that are contrary to their survival – smoke, take drugs, go to war, commit suicide?” The explanation was that the purpose of the mind was not survival of the being, but survival of their adopted beliefs, even if it meant destruction of the being. Realising what beliefs we have and on what information and experiences they were formed upon at the time, is key to creating new beliefs. This interview had some good strategies like journaling. Thanks for the interview Jaime

  • Wow what a powerful show! Our belief system has a lot to do with our success or failure.

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