Using Kickstarter to Validate Your New Product Idea with Antonia Saint Dunbar

Co-Founder/Owner of THINX, Icon, Antonia Saint NY, The Brooklyn Shoe Factory – Antonia Saint Dunbar

I’m excited to have the amazing Antonia Saint Dunbar on the show. In this episode, Antonia talks about how she started in entrepreneurship and how she jumped into an industry with a patriarchal system and has almost no innovation.

Antonia is the Co-Founder and Owner of THINX, Icon, The Brooklyn Shoe Factory, and Antonia Saint NY.
Antonia led the design of THINX and was the Chief of Operations for years, and she is now taking on the shoe industry with her new high-tech heels and flats that feel like sneakers on the inside where she raised $1.8 M in 40 days with pre-orders from 7,000 people around the world.

Learnings for this episode:

  • How to dive into a new startup idea (and make it huge)
  • How to jumpstart your business into an industry that has almost no innovation
  • How to present your idea into the world – what works and what doesn’t
  • How doing the one thing that you’ve been putting off can help move forward to your goal of a million

Antonia’s Websites:

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  • I think Kickstarter is a great platform for a new brand/product. You get a good test market, there is a chance to go viral, there’s a good following that actually looks for niche up and coming products and there could be potential VC audience.

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