Turning Adversity into Opportunity with Ben Woodward

Ben Woodward is an expert on personal and corporate transformation, helping individuals and organizations navigate through the complex (and uncomfortable) journey of positive change. But what really makes him interesting is all that he’s been through to get here.

Ben’s repeated personal experience with family trauma (putting his dad in jail), chronic illness (he’s diagnosed bipolar), and corporate crisis (this one’s a long story about working for a company being sued by the government) have taught him that no matter how much adversity comes your way, there’s a way to overcome it. His new best-selling book “The Empowerment Paradox” highlights the vital virtues he’s found to provide clarity and understanding for dealing with the complexities of life.

“The reality is we need to be willing to pay a price. Excellence costs something, and it costs something of us. We’ve got to be willing to pay that price, and that price does require a degree of adversity, setbacks, unexpected learning curves.” – Ben Woodward

Episode Highlights:

  • Navigating adversities in life (Staying clear and level-headed)
  • The duality of joy and suffering in life and business
  • How to build your vision (Differentiating wishful thinking and deep, meaningful aspiration)
  • Learning patience in the process to success
  • Tips in asking for help (One of the challenges of an entrepreneur)
  • The difference between distress and eustress
  • The stigma of mental health issue in entrepreneurship


The Empowerment Paradox



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