Transforming An Offline Biz Into An Online Empire with Emily Rosen

Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating – Emily Rosen

Emily RosenAre you eager to take your offline biz and turbo charge it with an online presence? Or? are you stumped on how to predictably create traction in your fizzling online efforts? This week I welcome millionaire guest Emily Rosen, the COO and Director of the internationally acclaimed Institute for the Psychology of Eating. She dives deep on how she went from -totally tech challenged? to successfully building a 7 figure business now considered to be an icon in the online education space. No matter where you are, Emily proves, you’re in the perfect place to get started and become an authority online.

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  • Had to check if my podcast player skipped to double time. Haha i love it! Passionate lady, great story.

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