This SEO and Online Marketing Advice is Worth over $1000 with Rand Fishkin

CEO/founder of Moz – Rand Fishkin

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Rand FishkinIs SEO dead? I get the real advice from THE guy on SEO. I asked all the questions you need to know, about what you should do to rank your site, and what’s worth your time to get more traffic to your site!

– Learn step by step what strategies you should use in SEO today

– Why we should even both with SEO since it’s changing so much and hard to keep up with!

– How this interview is worth way more than $1,000 bucks!

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Thanks so much for listening!


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8 responses

  • Yeah, I’m staying completely away from SEO now. You’ll do really great with it at some time, then BAM. Then you have to go through a process of getting unsandbox’d, and or some hater get’s your content take’n down, you’ll have to go through the process.. I think I”m just going to keep it COMPLETELY natural and just provide pure value WITHOUT the ‘SEO’. Too much risk. And it even seems that the value of the content is mildly take’n down if even a little.

  • Great interview. I agree about finding your core purpose and pursuing a vision to accomplish something great beyond just financial success.

    Plus, many of my SEO suspicions were confirmed!

  • Wow, what a great interview!

    Very helpful.

    Will share this around.


  • Excellent interview Jaime and Rand! I was actually listening to the audio version while driving this morning and had to stop it to come home and re-listen to take notes. Great stuff!

  • “… financial success is a result of accomplishing a great mission.” – Rand Fishkin

    I love his quote. And Jamie, I just want to say thank you for some much you have done through EM. Please cherish your generosity even when you become a millionaire.

    • Aw, thanks! And I can’t wait to be a millionaire so I can give even more! šŸ™‚

  • Hey Jaime, thanks a lot for doing this interview with Rand and sharing it with us! I really loved it! Tons of great tips inside for people who are interested in running a successful website online. Also, the reason why Rand started working in SEO alone is really worth watching the interview. šŸ™‚


  • Excellent interview of RandFish. Rand is a intelligent guy in SEO Industry

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