The WOW Factor With John Dwyer

Founder of The Institute of Wow – John Dwyer

Here’s what you’ll learn from John about The WOW Factor:

– What exactly is “The WOW Effect” and why you should care?
– When does branding become irrelevant for your business?
– Discover how a little WOW Factor magic turned that same old home-loan campaign into a mega success without ever mentioning interest rates!
– How to come up with your “artificial” WOW factor that’s new, exciting, and different? when you’ve ran out of ideas. (Yes, this works for coaches and consultants too!)
– Why John thinks you should never ever run a contest promotion.
– the one crucial thing 90% of all websites out there DON’T have that’s killing their marketing.

Tune in and listen: The WOW Factor With John Dwyer

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3 responses

  • What an awesome video. Thank you Jamie and John for such easy to understand content that anyone can use in any business model. x

  • Another great podcast Jaime, thank you. I have a question for John and yourself – how do I reach potential customers who don’t realize they have a problem? They may feel comfortable in their current service solution, and don’t realize that things could be better?

    Thanks, Andy.

    • That’s harder right? haha – I don’t know I have a problem! So if they aren’t searching for it specifically – I’d try to find out where they are finding other solutions to other problems that your avatar would have. For example – most people don’t like to switch their bookkeeper cause its FINE – even if its not great. So finding business coaches that work with people on OTHER issues – and then educating them from a trusted resource like – Hey – did you know your bookkeeper could be PROACTIVE and do this that and that which would save you this much time and money? Yeah – go schedule a call with my friend to switch now! – does that make sense? Groups pf people are easier than individuals, and having a trusted connection also helps – you can run ADS to people that are in those audiences too- its potentially just an easier test to do something like this. šŸ™‚ GOOD LUCK and let me know how it goes!

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