The vacation effect with Denise Gosnell

Business strategist, productivity hacker, and creator of The Vacation Effect – Denise Gosnell, J.D.

Denise Gosnell is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and coach. Denise runs her 3 different businesses in 3 different industries by working just 3 days a week. Denise’s method is outlined in what she calls “The Vacation Effect” where she coaches entrepreneurs on how to create hyper-efficiency in their life and foster growth by subtraction so they can have it all — growth in their business and personal time to do things they love.

“Life should have so much joy that your life feels like a perpetual vacation and that you’ve got space to do what makes you happy, you’ve got freedom.” – Denise Gosnell

Episode Highlights:

  • Learn how Denise developed “The Vacation Effect”
  • The secret in running 3 businesses 3 different industries by working just 3 days a week
  • What is scheduling experiment (and how to implement it)
  • How freedom is a mindset and not a destination
  • Learn the better way to have growth in your personal and business life
  • The difference between male and female business owners (productivity-wise)
  • How to figure out the flow of your freedom days
  • What life event made Denise shift from being a workaholic to living in freedom
  • Tips in delegating to your team

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