The trust equation with Josh Turner

Founder of Linked Selling – Josh Turner

Josh Turner is the founder of Linked Selling, a B2B marketing firm specializing in fully outsourced LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. They represent clients (like Neil Patel and Microsoft, to name a couple) in the US, Canada, UK, Asia, and Australia, in a wide variety of industries. Josh’s company also operates, an online training program for LinkedIn marketing. He is considered one of the leading experts in the world when it comes to growing your business using LinkedIn.

Episode Highlights:

  • Learn the four pillars of trust equation
  • Tips on building relationships with new prospects and maintaining relationships with existing network and connections
  • What is Connect 365 (and how to use it)
  • How to efficiently segment your list and communicate to it
  • Tips and tricks on having a high open rate and engagement from your list
  • What are the constraints in using LinkedIn as a marketing channel

“In marketing, there’s never a 100% solution.” – Josh Turner

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Connect with Josh:



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