The Next Wave of Human Potential With Jeffrey Slayter

Best Selling Author, Trainer, Speaker, Entrepreneur – Jeffrey Slayter

Why starting a business is a little like pushing a stopped train. When the rest of the world thinks you’re nuts for busting your butt, this one test will tell you if you’re doing the right thing. Jeff’s simple method to figure out your “inflection point” to get out of your soul crushing job. Why being a “really good quitter” can pay off big time. One huge business lesson his father taught Jeff during a trip to Japan.

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5 responses

  • Its unfortunate that Mr Slayter went all the way into a jungle and took “medicines” to find his truth,his reason for being, and that his life is not his own, when he could simply have picked up a Bible, found and given his life to God and others. So much simpler!
    I hope and pray that you Jaime will interview a Christian. You will be enlightened, and freed. Many of your questions will be answered. God bless!

    • I have actually interviewed a lot of amazing christian business owners too. Dan Miller and Michael Hyatt are a few – but there are many many others šŸ™‚ I appreciate all views here! šŸ™‚

  • This guy is really cool. I’m glad you got him on your show.

    P.s Jamie you have the most beautiful smile!

  • I loved your work Jammie. The piece that you’ve projected here is awesome and ofcourse I see you’ve done a lot of hardwork.

  • Enjoyed the interview,

    I feel Jeffrey is beating to a drum that both excites and inspires me! Jeffreys big spiritual break was on his journey to the jungle. Good on him!!

    I also feel Jeff makes too much of a generalisation around millionaires & billionairs being concious. Donanld Trump is a billionair yet is far from an awake being.

    I would love to live in a world where all the people with power, money & media broadcast time are awake, compassionate and acting for collective good. A reverance for having those powers.

    Peace & Love JT

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