The Millionaire Master Plan with Roger Hamilton

Singapore-based author, educator and social entrepreneur – Roger Hamilton

Roger HamiltonEver wondered why millionaires tend to contradict each other? Why does Warren Buffet play it one way and Richard Branson does the opposite? Roger Hamilton says its because we have different genuises. We need to know how to play to our strengths to know which path to take to our millions.

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4 responses

  • It is always important to know yourself and your values. Roger Hamilton really delivers that message well.

    I guess you can only know what method of running your business works for you if you try it out for yourself.

    This is a great interview, Jaime.

  • Jaime,

    This is a Jackpot podcast interview!

    Yellow Level – Guitar Player
    Green Level – The Band
    Blue Level – Conductor

    I found it was a Clear-My-Head and put my Mind-In-Order interview.

    Thanks for putting out great content like this Jaime.

  • This interview was a rainbow for me, it was a clear message about who I am and how I am. I loved it all! Thank you so much for this interview but the gold at the end of the rainbow was the 3 secrets webcast audio that you emailed out…..OMG!!! It gave me life and as a result of your call to action I reached out to a marketing company the same day I listened (this Thursday) outside of my comfort zone but I know my business would not go to the next level if I didn’t. I knew didn’t have the money to hire them but I made the call anyway! After speaking with the lady we both realized that I couldn’t afford the services she offered to coach me because she believes in my concept and wants to help me. She isn’t a coach it was a spur of the moment idea to her during our conversation. Its a huge financial sacrifice for me but I’ve never been more excited and encouraged. I can’t become a Millionaire Hustler right now but I am no doubt a student of yours and your guest. Jamie you will be interviewing me on your show! Thank you sooo much for being obedient to your calling you are great!

  • This was a very good interview. A lot of golden nuggets here. Hamilton is a very smart man and was a great guess. Thanks Jaime!

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