The Guru Of Direct Response Marketing – Brian Kurtz

Serial direct marketer – Brian Kurtz


Brian Kurtz 204Brian helped Boardroom Inc create tens of millions in revenue from mastering the skill of direct response marketing. We dive deep into how businesses both online and offline can leverage offline marketing tactics in combination with online to dramatically grow their business.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:

Go to for more info and check out his event Titans Of Direct Response happening Sept 11th & 12th!

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7 responses

  • Looooved his comments about retirement. Retirement is retiring is retiring from the things you no longer want to do or you don’t like to do and retiring from the people you don’t want to be around and that don’t lift you up. I only wish I had done it earlier.

  • Amazing interview with Brian and I taken a lot of tips.
    I will listen again to absorb more of his power message.
    Thank you Jamie and Brian

  • who else is writing thank you notes to someone after listening to this? šŸ™‚ the concept of 100 – 0 is powerful. this is the blog post brian referenced on that topic:

    thanks for this interview jaime!

  • I enjoyed this interview so much…Jaime is such a rock star and I love her book.

    And as I said in the interview, I love teaching about what I’ve learned as an “intrapreneur” building a nine figure business; but I also love learning from bootstrap entrepreneurs who have talents way beyond anything I know. What a privilege it was to do this interview. Thank you Jaime!

  • Great interview Jaime and Brian. I joined your list Brian — looking forward to learning more about and from you.

  • Awesome meeting with Mark and I taken a lot of guidelines. What a benefit it was to do this meeting. Thank you Jaime!

  • Wow!!! Brian really offered great and amazing advice. I am definitely going to be implementing some of his ideas into what I do on a daily basis. Great interview, thank you very much for sharing.

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