The future of social media with Jesse Jameson

Jesse Jameson is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of more than 17 years building Internet-based businesses.

As a consultant, he has helped companies both large and small, from Tech Start Up’s, Fortune 100’s, Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Celebrities, and local businesses to maximize their Internet presence. His particular area of expertise is strategic social media marketing consulting: helping companies to leverage the data intelligence of social media and effectively apply it to all areas of their business.

“Social media is a conversation about what’s happening with your business and your industry. And if a business is not a part of that conversation, you’re gonna lose out to your competitors who are.” – Jesse James

Episode Highlights:

  • The difference between digital marketing and social media
  • What are vanity metrics (And when does a metric become a vanity metric)
  • What is the best social media platform to start your business on
  • How to determine a content’s quality (And whether to post it or not)
  • How to unstick your personality in your business’s social media account – especially when you decide to sell your business
  • Best practice for creating a course that will sell
  • How much valuable content to give away for free from your courses
  • Do tripwires still work for courses
  • How to get cheaper leads for social media
  • How certification creates magnets for your audience to set a goal for
  • Online courses vs. college: What’s better?
  • How to create certifications for your courses


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