The Future Of Email With Dan Faggella

CEO / founder at TechEmergence – Dan Faggella

Here’s what you’ll learn from Dan about The Future Of Email:

– The easiest way to segment your list.
– How to compel people to buy now rather than later? without having to bake in false urgency.
– THIS will harm your open rates and dump the trust of your subscribers. (And can turn your emails into spam.)
– Why it’s time to get over your resistance and email more often.
– 5 ingredients of an irresistible Welcome email that make your subscribers “addicted” to you.

Tune in and listen: The Future Of Email With Dan Faggella

Learn the Basics of Building Profitable Email “Autoresponder” Campaigns

How to Segment Email Messages for More Opens, Clicks, and Sales

“First Email” Fundamentals

Derren Brown – The Experiments: The Secret of Luck (Full)

Dan’s Website: – Online resource for marketing automation and email marketing insight.

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  • Great content and insight. You are the best and you interview the best ?.
    There is always much to learn about life today in the survival of the aware ones??. Thanks for keeping it real.
    James Smart

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