The Formula for Business Success With John Spence

Trusted Advisor, Strategist, Consultant, Speaker and Author – John Spence

John Spence 204Excellence in business and life, and how to achieve it. What are the four fundamental elements of the Business Success Equation? Employee first or customer first? How can you attract and retain top talent?

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4 responses

  • I loved this interview. Very encouraging and loaded with great advice for personal growth.
    It’s funny listening to him talk about how a company environment should be and compare that to the company I work at now where it’s all backwards. I can see first hand what it’s like working at a company that doesn’t follow any of the principles that John explained – it sucks, people are always complaining and being grouchy with each other.

  • “I was the academic stud of my group at a 1.6 (GPA).” Hilarious. Loved this interview. John Spence rocks. When I start hiring a team I’ll be coming back this one.

  • This was wonderful and very inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m so excited to check out the 60 books on his site.

    I the second John mentioned doing his own personal book reports, my mind EXPLODED. I have been trying to read so many business books (certainly not hundreds a year, like in John’s case) but trying to obtain all the information can be a struggle.

    This was very motivating and I’m excited to get things back on track!

  • Thanks for sharing very inspiring & motivating interview with great advise. Keep continue!

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