The Disruptive Technology that will Change Your Business Forever with Nick Webb

World renowned thought leader, author, speaker and futurist – Nick Webb

Nicholas WebbThis interview will blow you away. You will be left behind in business if you don’t know what is coming up with technology! Nick is a futurist, speaker and holds over 40 patents.

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12 responses

  • Teriffic Interview. Most I kill after just a few minutes – this one I watched all the way thru. I ebayed his Innovation Playbook book – should make for a nice read.

    • Darn- most you kill after a few minutes? hah why? Tell me why this one was different šŸ™‚

      • Hey Jamie!

        You know, one simple thing that made this speaker different: it looks like he’s standing up! I don’t know why, but subconsciously this made him appear more interesting…like he was just stopping by to tell me a quick story so I better listen.


  • “Graded on compliance.”


    “I want to know what you created.”

    That’s the part I’m going to remember whenever I think of this guy Nick Webb.

  • This is an amazing interview! Love the talk on technology and researching through social network data.

    All the talk on school -> college -> work is perfect!

    “The work that we do is a series of sprints and not a marathon”.. Love this!

  • Thoroughly enjoyed this interview, usually the guests bring something dynamic to the table and then it levels off. But everything he noted from the beginning to end, was something KEY and definitely a new insight. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • An incredible amount of authentic value in this interview.


    Marketing is: develop authentic relationships with engaged meaningful communities

    Don’t make products that sucks

    Marketing is called Channel Development

  • “Market size”
    “Competitive analysis”
    I find in very unique and interesting that he just don’t care about these stuff. Awesome!! I liked it a lot cause i like to invent stuff too.. Thanx Jaime!

  • Great interview. This was perfect prep for a consultation that I have scheduled today. “your idea has no value”. Right on.

  • I really enjoyed this interview. For me the take away is definitely the importance of developing real relationships and engaging in meaningful communities. I think that can be some of the hardest work, but can have the highest payoff in the end!

  • I think he is a great speaker – and a great interview. But I feel his perspective of of “marketing” is skewed. Communication is Marketing, it’s like saying your don’t do “Accounting” but your counting money…. He might not be “marketing” in a traditional sense but he is marketing to his customers. I love how you kept asking about it and not letting the subject go. Besides all of that – I think he was a great person to interview and great insight to innovation process and being an “Inventor.”
    Great job like always – I always watch your interviews all the way through šŸ˜‰ & a great inspiration for nerdy women everywhere who would like to be a millionaire – eventually.

  • I liked the interview, and I still do not understand one thing. What did he mean? by idea validation via netnography, as I am an aspiring inventor myself? I have a few ideas for new products to license/sell , and need understand how the validate the ideas to make them into inventions.

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