The best way to exit a business with Mark Mills

Ex founder of Cardpoint plc – Mark Mills

Mark Mills is an entrepreneur who has created and successfully exited three companies. He is the founder of Cardpoint PLC which achieved $100M annual revenues from start-up, where he exited when an offer of $25OM revived. He then founded the Mark Mills Partnership after he was asked to assist other business owners with the sale of their businesses.

Many owners do not understand the process or have suffered from it breaking down. Unlike other advisers, Mark is highly experienced at delivering a successful outcome and ensuring the deal is made for maximum return to the business owner in a reasonable time frame. Mark leverages legacies for company owners and ensures that legacy is realized.

“Whatever happens throughout the exiting process, your business has to go in an upward trajectory.” – Mark Mills

Episode Highlights:

  • Things that will come up when you exit from your business
  • What is the standard due diligence list you need
  • What the three elements in presenting your business
  • Who you should approach specific buyers
  • How to test a good advisor for your business
  • How to approach your closed-knit team when you’re selling your business
  • How to set up a timeframe in selling your business
  • Tips in delegation when exiting a business

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