The Art of Startup Fundraising With Alejandro Cremades

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Onevest – Alejandro Cremades

The one big mistake most founders make when they first meet with an investor. What type of companies should really be looking for outside investment? How to get investors actually excited about your business! The right way to follow up with an investor. What to do if you’re a brand new company and you need outside capital to get validation. Plus, an actionable list of things to do – starting today! – that will take you from “omg, I’m a new founder and I have no idea what to do” to successfully raise your first round.

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2 responses

  • I have to ask if you can verify whether the transcript link works. I was unable to download it. In addition to the transcript, the video you have of the podcast is not captioned for the deaf or hard of hearing like myself.

    I am very interested in this topic but due to the lack of accessibility features, I am unable to make the most of this opportunity you have to share with us. Let me know when you have the transcript or captioning available.



  • Love the energy and attitude from Alejandro!! He makes “asking” sound so simple and have now realised it really is!! I just have to approach people with confidence and faith and to not over think things. People will help if I just ask. Another great interview Jaime. Keep it up.


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