The Art of Communicating with Employees with Trivinia Barber

Founder and CEO of Priority VA – Trivinia Barber

Trivinia Barber is the founder and CEO of Priority VA. She is a real-world business development pro who helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses, sharpen their leadership, and build great teams. The key to Trivinia’s expertise is her proprietary framework “The Momentum Method”, which helps businesses navigate the interplay between their products, people, and processes to achieve greater growth and more efficiency.

Trivinia and Priority VA have provided Executive Virtual Assistant Support to some most influential thought leaders and entrepreneurs including Amy Porterfield, Michael Hyatt, Ray Edwards, Mike Kim, Gary Nealon, Lauren Pawell, and Todd Herman. Her clients also include numerous small to mid-size businesses, as well as high-growth corporations.

An in-demand speaker, Trivinia has shared her expertise at numerous events around the US and abroad, including Amy Porterfield’s B-School Experience, Puerto Rico Masterminds, Influence & Impact, 90 Day Year Live, and Mastermind Talks, an exclusive entrepreneurial community curated by Jayson Gaignard.

Trivinia has been a featured guest on over 40 top-ranked business podcasts including Screw the Nine to Five, Entrepreneur on Fire, and The Daily Grind with Colin Morgan. She also hosts her own top-ranked podcast, Diary of a Doer.

“Make sure you have the right people doing the right processes and working on the right projects in your business. If that’s not the case, you’re wasting a lot of money by keeping them on board.” – Trivinia Barber

Episode Highlights:

  • The 4 buckets of letting go and delegating
  • How to deal with employee mistakes
  • What non-negotiables in the company (reasons that might get an employee fired)
  • How thick should the boundary between the boss and employees (Tips in making better boundaries)
  • How to create a great relationship with your employees
  • How to deal with your executive admin for them to grow
  • How to hire a great executive assistant
  • How to fire somebody (when to fire somebody)
  • How to set up a newly hired employee to success in the on-boarding process

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