Selects Edition: The Abundance Mentality With Daniel Ally

Daniel Ally is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and author. His first business was as a trusted business consultant, where he helped others build and market their personal brands and businesses successfully. As he gained wealth and popularity, he started other successful companies: a digital marketing firm, an online business school, an apparel brand, a website company, a book publishing firm, various investments, & more, which helped him to attain financial independence well before the age of 30.

Daniel’s famous TEDx talk has gained well over 8 million views! And his work has been featured on TIME, Fortune, Huffington Post, SUCCESS, Yahoo, FOX News, MSN Money, and other major publications. His three books, “You Are the Boss,” “The Winner’s Lifestyle,” and “The Abundance Mentality” can be found in thousands of libraries in the world. Daniel also pioneered several online courses, which offer a unique perspective on achieving personal & professional success. His courses have already helped thousands of people make dramatic changes in their personal and professional lives.

“I have a rule of 100. And the rule of 100 basically says that if you wanna become really good at something, do it 100 times within a one-year period.” – Daniel Ally

Episode Highlights:

  • What Steve Jobs and the Bible taught Daniel about sales.
  • How to truly connect with what people REALLY need and are willing to pay for.
  • The biggest mistake most people make when trying to sell their products.
  • How to fix your sales process so it doesn’t feel pushy or salesy!
  • The three basic desires that drive people to buy. (And the best ways to leverage them.)
  • Why investing in yourself is “good business?” and the actual amount you should invest yearly.


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