The 6-Figure “Fixer” That Moved From Scrapbooking To Content Strategist!

A slightly manic writer, speaker, and deep thinker – Lain Ehmann

How to go from “not really knowing what my business is” to making $20k a month! The very first thing we do at the beginning of Millionaire Masters year that will help you focus for the year ahead. The biggest pivotal moments that changed Lain’s trajectory and the reason WHY she couldn’t do that on her own.

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The 6-Figure “Fixer” That Moved From Scrapbooking To Content Strategist!

So Lain, what was your main goal at the beginning of the program?

I wanted to define the next phase of my career. I was transitioning from a 6-figure Business to Consumer business model that I was totally burned out from, but didn’t know how to quickly create a new business that I enjoyed that could bring in the needed revenue.

When you move from one business model to another, Lain explains, that you can do that in one of two ways; either you can make a gradual move by slowly replacing one income with another, or you can “rip the band-aid off!” She chose to rip the band-aid off and quickly move from her scrapbooking business to thriving business consulting, fixing and optimizing people’s business processes. Which has worked out great for her so far!

What was your average monthly revenue before starting Millionaire Masters?

About $10 K a month in my old business – but I wasn’t bringing in anything in my “new” business because I didn’t know what it was yet.

Lain knew what success was like – so finding that purpose and success together was the next step. But it’s amazing how difficult it can be to figure out what your strengths are that you LOVE to do and a business model that makes you the same amount or more than your previous business!

What are you on track to do by end of 2016?

New business: $15-20K per month.

Going from not having this r business was when we first started back in November 2015 to doing $15-20K per month with clients consistently coming in and seeking her out.

When we started Millionaire Masters in November 2015, one of the first things we do is outline ONE main goal to work on for the entire year. Although Lain was unsure at the time where she wanted to take her business, she had an idea of how to pull all of her past experiences and expertise into one cohesive offering.

Figuring out the new business model that aligns is a PROCESS. It’s not something you just identify in an hour and start moving. It’s a step by step process of testing, seeing if you even like the work that’s involved in running it. Then you reevaluate to see if it gives you energy (or takes it away!) and if it pays you enough to make it worth it. Plus finding out how difficult or easy it is to sell to your customer is extremely important in the decision to build or discard it! (If you LOVE the work but can’t sell it to like anyone, that’s a recipe for disaster too šŸ™‚

What were the BIGGEST pivotal moments that changed your trajectory? Why didn’t you do it yourself beforehand?

The implementation retreat. Showing up with other business people I admired and just seeing how I could support them, without worrying about what it looked like or what I called it. I didn’t have access to that type of community previously.

Lain walked away from the implementation retreat with 3 new clients! She did this simply by sharing her knowledge and offering ways to help. She didn’t have a specific business plan or even a name for what she was doing, but she knew she had the skills to help people and that others were looking for what she had to offer.

I love being able to meet everyone in person and cramming in as much massive growth as humanly possible in those 3 days. “Out of our 12 members in the group, 3 of them said it was the best in person event they have ever been to.”

Lastly, what other benefits have you gotten from Millionaire Masters?

– Self-confidence

– Connection with an amazing community of six-figure and seven-figure business owners

– Opportunity to see how I can add value to others

– Lots of fun, too!

Lain brought up a very good point about adding value. Lain was the go-to gal in the group that was willing to help everyone. She wanted to go above and beyond for the members and she built lasting connections for life.

(One member and her live not far from each other – and I was able to connect them for a life long friendship – how cool is that?)

This is what the mastermind can really help you with, not just creating a longer list of services you can offer to clients, but really figuring out how to position yourself as THE go to person, the first person your clients (or potential clients) think of when they are in need of the solutions you offer.

When Lain started to try and figure out what it was that she did, she just asked the group for what language they used when they described her to referrals. Real time true feedback from her avatar, can’t beat that šŸ˜‰

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  • Loved this session so much and what Lain and you Jamie had to offer. I’m super inspired and looking to try something a little new……
    Sonya xx

  • I love how you finished this video! Reminded me why we are doing this and the impact we are trying to make. It’s not about the money, its about being successful at helping people and making a difference in their lives. Thank you Jaime! I am enjoying your blog and hopefully soon enough I’ll make it to one of your episodes šŸ˜€

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