Thank you for signing up for the Owning Your Money Course!

Over the next four months you will be learning a lot, but most importantly you will be taking action to achieve freedom with your finances.

There is room in the schedule to have topics of your choosing, so I will most likely ask you what you really want to learn about.

Please download these two items so you can have all of the information to start the course. You will also be emailed worksheets as the course progresses.


-The information packet for the course  (explains when the calls are, the syllabus and what the format of each call is)
-The Eventual Millionaire Starter Kit (If you don’t already have it, we’ll be using worksheets from the kit)

Notice: I use a company called Clickbank to take credit cards, so you will most likely see a purchase on your account from “Clickbank”. It’s a great company and I trust it fully. Thanks!

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Here is the Syllabus again for your reference:

February 9th

-My Debt Free Story and Philosophy

-Owning Your Money Plan (Part 1)

-Figure out your Net Worth

–Starter Emergency Fund

-Looking at your expenses


**Bring numbers with you to class!

February 23rd

-Owning Your Money Plan (Part 2)

-Spending Plan/Budget

-What type of spender are you?

–How to Track your Expenses


March 9th

-Owning Your Money Plan (Part 3)

-Budgeting questions



March 23rd

-Owning Your Money Plan (Part 4)

-Getting Your Spouse on Board

-Dealing with Set Backs


April 6th

-Owning Your Money Plan (Part 5)

-Increasing your Income

-What can I sell?

-Creating a side business


April 20th

-Owning Your Money Plan (Part 6)

-How can I still enjoy life when I have no spending money?

-Staying Motivated

-Money Beliefs


May 4th

-Owning Your Money Plan(Part 7)

-The Next Steps

-How do I save for what I want?

-Coaching individuals around their money issues


May 18th

-Final Class – Planning for success in the rest of the year

-Winner – Who made the most progress!

February 2nd

**Bring numbers with you to class!

-Short version – My Debt Free Story and Philosophy

-Debt Free Plan (Part 1)

-Your Reason

-Be Honest, Add up your Debt

-Figure out your Net Worth

–Starter Emergency Fund

-Spending Plan

-what type of spender are you??

-Homework Spending Plan

-Last 30 min Questions and Answers

March 2nd

-Review: How did the month go? Highlight paid off per month!

-Debt Free Plan (Part 2)

-Budgeting questions

-How to Track your Expenses


-Last 30 min Questions and Answers

April 6th

-Review: How did the month go?

-Debt Free Plan (Part 3)

-Increase your Income

-What can I sell?

-Is that the best you can do

-Stay Motivated

-Money Beliefs

May 4th

-Review: How did the week go?

–Debt Free Plan (Part 4)

–The Next Steps

-Coaching one person around Money Issues

-Open for Questions

June 8th

-Final Class -Emailed issues ahead of time.