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  • A Weird Headache Cure

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKGtv84aSjo&t=38s An unbelievable headache cure. I sound like an infomercial right now but more and more of my friends and clients have been coming on calls with me and saying, “I have a headache.” And I’ve been getting more headaches lately too. Maybe it’s the craziness that’s going around but I have a random headache… View Article

  • Ups and Downs

    What a weird world we’re living in right now. And if you’ve been experiencing highs and lows, these ups and downs, just know that you are not alone. I work one-on-one in the Mastermind with so many clients, and even the ones that seem like they’re doing okay have also gone through a few weeks… View Article

  • Quick Tip: Hint…it will help track your time.

    You’ll hate me at first, you’ll love me later. Now you’ve probably heard me talk about time auditing and how important it is for both you and your team and how annoying as all crap it is. Now one of the quick tips that I have for you today is to do something that is… View Article

  • Test This Powerful Quick Tip

    Today’s quick tip, I want to challenge you to go above and beyond for one client today. We just had a retreat here in Austin. It was fantastic to be able to get so many amazing business owners in one house. I love the synergy that can happen there and some of the fun things,… View Article

  • Instantly Clean Up Your Inbox With This Handy Hack

    5 minutes or less to a lean and clean inbox — sound too good to be true? You’ll love this handy hack to decrease your inbox chaos, one of my favorites!

  • The #1 Time Management Tip I Give My High End Clients

    Entrepreneurs always have problems with time. Learn about the first time hack I teach my high level coaching clients.

  • Does Your Mindset Move You Forward Or Hold You Back?

    Have you noticed that your mind stops you from so much? Imagine how much action and how many results can happen when your mindset is moving you forward instead of shutting you down! Tune in to hear a quick tip on how you can start taking action TODAY.