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  • Better Qualified Prospects

    Want better-qualified prospects on the phone? Well, are you actually pre-qualifying them? We had an issue where we’ve even had people lie on the online forms to fill out just to talk to me on the phone, which is very interesting. And so now, what we’ve implemented is what I called “human qualification.” So, we’ve… View Article

  • How To Know When It’s Time To Let Someone Go

    So, how do you know when to let someone go? This is one of the toughest decisions you can make as a business owner. You care, most likely, and I’m you’ve heard, “Be slow to hire and be quick to fire.” That is so much easier said than done. One of the millionaires that I… View Article

  • Want A Remarkable Client Onboarding Experience?

    How do you make your client onboarding experience actually exceptional, different than everyone else’s? And why the heck am I in the shower right now? I am fully clothed. But one of the things that we do for our clients is to wow them, do something different. We actually send every client an onboarding package… View Article

  • Hiring and The Mismatch Problem – Solved!

    What is the mismatch problem? Well, Malcolm Gladwell, the amazing author of “The Tipping Point,” was talking about something that he calls the mismatch problem. He did a keynote speech all about the problems of the modern hiring world but he related it back to sports. So, he said the combines that actually picked the… View Article

  • All Recommended Books by Millionaires

    When I first launched “Eventual Millionaire” back in March 2010, I did so by announcing a goal of becoming a millionaire on my terms, which included to be debt-free, live a lifestyle I wanted, and be able to pursue my passions while building a net worth with two commas in it. “I didn’t really care”… View Article

  • When to Hire

    When is do I hire my first person? I could end this discussion right now with one word – NOW!

  • Strategies That Inspire People And Grow Businesses With Nik Trowbridge

    Why you need to nail your scheduling before you can start implementing systems that work. The “Incident Tracker” solution that helps Nik stay on top of…

  • The Punch That Changed Everything With Brian Young

    How could a great salesman such a Brian still struggle in business and have negative sales. The one big “light-bulb” moment Brian had while studying the…

  • E-commerce Marketing Tips with Jason Weisenthal

    How was Jason able to grow Wallmonkey without any market research and why it pays doing the opposite than everyone else. The one thing you can do if you …

  • How To Hire Successfully And Create Great Company Culture With Tom Gimbel

    When’s the right moment to hire someone? The right way to hold your employees accountable. Outsourcing vs hiring. How to do effective new staff training …