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  • Pay Attention to Your Credit Score as You Pay Down Debt

    One of the biggest barriers to becoming a millionaire is high-interest consumer debt. While some types of debt, such as modest business debt or real estate debt, can help you leverage your capital to create lasting wealth and?

  • You Are Not the Numbers

    Whether you like them or not, the numbers show reality. They exemplify what is important to you. You might say being home with your children is the most important thing to you…

  • Stolen: $1,084

    My laptop bag was stolen in New York City. It’s actually a crazy story. We had the Uhaul with the Coke and Mentos Rocket Car next to the Letterman studio.

  • What is True Wealth?

    An old woman found a precious stone within a stream while she was traveling. She put it in her bag, and continued on her way. Later she met a hungry man…

  • Discover More About Me

    I love to learn more about the bloggers behind all of my favorite blogs.

  • Why I am an ‘Eventual Millionaire’

    An Eventual Millionaire is a person that knows, one day, they will have at least a millionaire dollars.