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  • How Not to Structure Your Team

    Decisions, fires from all sides are going to exhaust you, if you’re not exhausted already. If you don’t give anyone the responsibility for them to do their own work and make their own choices, without coming to you for every second, then you will have this. And you will have a sad face that wants… View Article

  • How To Control The Chaos in Your Business Today!

    There’s a great quote, “The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos.” – Napoleon. When you think about your business, you know there’s quite a bit of constant chaos. That being said, it’s usually quite predictable constant chaos. Have you ever heard of decision fatigue?… View Article

  • How To Know When It’s Time To Let Someone Go

    So, how do you know when to let someone go? This is one of the toughest decisions you can make as a business owner. You care, most likely, and I’m you’ve heard, “Be slow to hire and be quick to fire.” That is so much easier said than done. One of the millionaires that I… View Article

  • Who’s Actually Responsible for the Results?

    One issue that I see over and over and over again as your team grows, is that no one on your team is responsible except you. No one owns the results. How the heck do you fix that? I had a client, a new client a couple of months ago, we went through and looked… View Article

  • Coaching Session with Lain: On-boarding a Team Member

    With my first team member on board, we talked about how to systematize her on-boarding process so I can be a good manager and so that I can be prepared for scaling. To do this Jaime asked me to have my new assistant DOCUMENT everything. I was so glad to hear Jaime wanted my new assistant to document the detailed, step-by-step processes and key insights because that is not one of my strengths!

  • How To Make Better Decisions With Matt Bodnar

    The surprising reason why restaurant business is turning out to be one of the most stable niches today. What is “Little Donkey” concept and how it helps create healthy businesses that are ready to scale…

  • How To Make Irresistible Offers With Lisa Sasevich

    The reason why a huge following on Twitter or Facebook (or any other channel) won’t make you any real money. The difference between an offer versus an…

  • The Magic Goal-Setting Formula With Brian Scudamore

    The killer “2 Second Rule” that will train your intuition to always make the right decisions fast! How to tame your ADD into an asset you can use whenever…

  • Strategies That Inspire People And Grow Businesses With Nik Trowbridge

    Why you need to nail your scheduling before you can start implementing systems that work. The “Incident Tracker” solution that helps Nik stay on top of…

  • Making Millions Selling Spirit Stickers With Matt Miller

    Why the only way to learn your numbers is to go out and fail. What most people don’t know about bulk vending is the same thing that makes it a very…