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  • What’s That One Thing That Will Affect Everything Else in Your Business

    One domino. Now if you have never read the book “The One Thing,” they talk about one domino. What?s the one domino that when you hit it, makes all the difference? What’s that one thing that if you get that done, it will affect everything else in your business? If you haven’t read “The One… View Article

  • The Best Assessment for Hiring

    Today’s quick tip is actually a recommendation from my good friend Keith Krance from Dominate Web Media. Now hiring is so tough, at least that’s what we hear all the time. So I love using assessments to be able to help understand if a candidate is actually telling the truth or if they’re a good… View Article

  • Principles and Values

    I think a big part of our life is trying to figure out what we actually value. What actually has meaning to us because when we are put on this planet, you have no idea what’s good and what’s not good and how you feel really makes all the difference. Perspective is everything. So, what… View Article

  • 3 Tips To Create A Great Company Culture!

    What are my three tips to create a great company culture? Well, this tip comes from Julbert Abraham. He was a client of mine. He’s amazing. He does LinkedIn Strategy. And I want to hit you with these three tips really quick. So number one is making sure you have your company values. If you… View Article

  • How To Slow Down, Think Less, And Get More Done With Briana Borten

    The real benefit of doing nothing. How to overcome the “Shiny Object” syndrome. How to make sure your goals are aligned with your values and purpose. The …

  • Creating a 300 Million Dollar Adventure Travel Company with Bruce Poon Tip

    Bruce Poon Tip has created an amazing business based on his passion of travel. Learn how he set himself apart, and had tremendous growth even when the …