Onboarding Phase: Webinar 3 – March 14th 2018

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Owner vs. Admin checklist?

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Action Items:

  1. Owner:?Take the mid-program survey?
  2. Admin: Take the mid-program survey
  3. Complete time tracking from last week (if you haven’t don this already)
  4. Owner/Admin: Let us know if there’s anything specific you would like to discuss during webinar 4 (May 21st). Anything specific that you need help with, any templates we didn’t include that would have been helpful, etc.
  5. Admin:?Review checklists below and make a list of what’s been done vs. still needs to be done (talk w/ owner if you need to) – Leilani can walk you through this if you need help figuring this out!
    1. Webinar 1 – Data collection checklist for Dashboard
    2. Webinar 2 – Sales Phase checklist?
    3. Webinar 3 – Onboarding Working Master checklist? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??? ?Owner vs. Admin checklist ?
  6. Admin: work Leilani during Q&A time to discuss where you’re at and finish implementing what hasn’t been done. I’m here to help you make sure you guys get this implemented, so please use this time 😉
  • Thursday, March 15th 11-1pm central
  • Thursday, March 22nd 11-1pm central
  • Thursday, March 29th, 11-1pm central