Systematizing Your Business to Have More Time (or sell it!) With Rick Day

President, Business by Day – San Diego, CA – Rick Day

Rick DayRick became an entrepreneur in college and has had business from car detailing to telecom. He stresses the importance of creating systems in your business so you as an owner can have the freedom of time, and have your business worth more when you are looking to sell it!

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3 responses

  • Awesome interview Jaime! Rick’s such a great entrepreneur… and a hellava nice guy! I love it… sit down with every new person and lay out the values. This creates an amazing culture of trust and responsibility. Love the “5 Minutes to a Performance Business” podcast too!

  • What i learned from this interview:

    build the right connections and influence.

    selling is the same. if you know how to sell you can make it in any business.

    you need capital to expand.

  • Really enjoyed listening to Rick’s story, i have the same “you might be hit by a bus tomorrow” mentality.

    I am also in the ‘helpful collaboration’ camp and may just add this to my own value set, i love the commitment to these values in your own company as i’ve come across so many people in my working life who are disruptive to me because this is not one of their values.

    I am just about to launch my own business and am writing the first series of articles for my blog with the same approach – easily digestible actionable posts!

    With so many things in common i’m starting to think maybe there is an eventual millionaire inside me!!I’ll definitely be checking out business by day for start up advice.

    Thanks for podcasting.

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