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What is the one thing that millionaires know about themselves that made all the difference on whether or not they hit a million? One thing that comes up over and over again in my interview with millionaires is that they know their strengths!

This is something you have heard over and over again, but what does that really mean and why is that important to you?

When I was surveying millionaires for my book, one of the things that they kept saying that took them from $1 million to $10 million is that they got better and better at only doing the things they are amazing at. Their core strengths.

So how do you find the things that you are amazing at? It is time to put your detective hat on! You can technically ask someone what your strengths are, but they may not always tell you.

Your first step is to take one of these amazing assessments listed below. This is something you can do to gain more insight on yourself. It can be difficult to look introspectively and just be able to say “these are my strengths?”

The first assessment is the Myers Briggs, otherwise known as the MBTI. You can take this assessment for free here. There are 16 different types of personalities that you can be categorized in, I personally am an ENTJ which is very typical for entrepreneurs.

The second type of test is the Strengths Finder. It is actually a book you can purchase that has an access code in it to take the test. The Strengths Finder looks at 34 different themes and in the book explains how to capitalize on each one of these strengths.

One of my favorite assessments is the Kolbe assessment. Although it is a paid assessment, it is very insightful and measures “instinctive methods of operation.” On this assessment I am a quick start, which means I like to start things quickly but don’t have great follow through. That is why I have hired people on my team who have great follow through. I am also a fact finder, which is why I love interviewing millionaires, because I get the best of the best advice and information. Tons of the millionaires that I have interviewed use this not only for themselves, but also for when they hire employees.

Lastly is the Culture Index. Business owners usually use this when they are hiring. I specifically use this to know more about the people that I am hiring. The culture index also told me that I would be an amazing interviewer. I only wish I had taken it back when I first got started trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I knew that I was good at tech stuff because I was in computers, but I also knew that I was good with people because other people would tell me that I was good with people.

After you have taken at least one of these assessments, ask three to five people that are close to you, “what do you think my strengths are?” “What am I the best at?” Hopefully they will be able to tell you a lot more than you can determine just looking at yourself.

Lastly, try thing!

I would have never know that I was good at interviewing people if I never actually tried doing it. This does not mean that you will be great at it right away. You have to keep asking yourself the question, “what am I good at?” “What is my strength?” You should be able to identify your strength when you get feedback from other people telling you, you are really good at it.

Also consider, when are you losing track of time? When you are really enjoying something to the point you are losing track of time, that is another indication of what your strengths are.

So don’t wait, take an assessment so you can start making changes in your business based on what you’re good at and what you can hire other people to do for you.

Action Items:

  1. Take one of the assessments mentioned above.
  2. Ask 3-5 people you are close to about your strengths.
  3. Try something new based on your strength



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  • Great content Jaime. I think I will check out these assessments.

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