Strategies That Inspire People And Grow Businesses With Nik Trowbridge

President and Founder of Statements Brand at Statement The Salon – Nik Trowbridge

Why you need to nail your scheduling before you can start implementing systems that work. The “Incident Tracker” solution that helps Nik stay on top of any issues that pop up in her business. Why your front desk is the sales center of your business and how to tighten it down so well it becomes your best sales generation machine. A surprising solution that has been the most effective communication system for Nik and her employees. How to train yourself to get better at delegating so you stop sounding like a “barking dictator”.

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2 responses

  • Love this interview Jamie! Nik is the type of straight-talking, no BS kind of power lady I get inspired by. Keep up the good work!

  • That was a great interview. You are a great interviewer…

    And Nik is pretty impressive too…

    I especially enjoyed the part about the importance of training the front desk.

    My girlfriend has a Salon and I help her market her business.

    Hiring and training front desk is next on our list.

    Interview came at a perfect time for us…

    Thank you, Jaime… šŸ™‚

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