Step-by-step process to find great talent to hire with Paul Sjoberg

Owner of True North Realty and Leverage It, (LIT) – Paul Sjoberg

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I’m thrilled to have Paul Sjoberg on the show. Paul has been listening to Eventual Millionaire for about 5-6 years.

He is a serial entrepreneur and owns True North Realty and Leverage It, (LIT). He’s a father (4x), a husband, a son, a brother, a believer, a Gator, and doing everything possible to be the best version of himself.

In this episode, Paul will talk about his transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur, how he runs his business and family life, and how he hires and manages his people.

Few things you will learn from Paul:

  • Paul’s transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur
  • When is the right time to hire
  • Step-by-step process in find a good talent with a security clearance
  • How to manage and motivate employees
  • How to pick your ideal clients
  • How to have manage your time for business and family effectively

Paul’s Website:

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