Step by Step: How to Create Killer Webinars with Steven Essa

International speaker, software developer and webinar training expert – Steven Essa


Steven EssaSteven is a webinar guru – he helps people without products or list create a webinar and sell between $2200 and $22,000 in just a weekend! He goes step by step through his formula to create webinars – with exactly what to say and when!

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6 responses

  • Chockfull of amazing content. I couldn’t help but get excited about webinars, who knew? – Steven has awesome energy. So grateful for this episode! (Shared it)

  • Great episode. Stephen’s step-by-step approach provided an easy to follow path to success with webinars.

    Keep up the great interviews Jaime!

  • Incredible tips! Thanks Steven, and Jaime!
    Your Millionaire Hustlers webinar was PERFECT!
    I’m living proof!

  • This guy was awesome. I actually love the way John Lee Dumas teaches webinars as well. Great interview.

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