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This weekend we were at a gathering with friends and family that was aptly named “Celebrating Life”. It was on September 11th to remember how important life is.

Whenever I am at a party word tends to get around that I have have paid off a lot of debt. It’s funny how so many people want to talk about it. Usually finances are a subject we normally don’t discuss, but give me a party and tell people what I’ve done and that’s what we all end up talking about!

I was chatting with a distance relative about money, debt and wanting to quit her job. I wish I had the time to sit down with everyone that asks me for help. I wish I could chat with her every week and help her get to where she wants to go.

Unfortunately none of us can do that. We can’t help every single person that needs our help. (I was running after two small children at the party so it was difficult to even have a conversation!)

But what I can do is start the process. I can start to give her inspiration that it is possible to have what she wants. I sent her links to my Eventual Millionaire Starter Kit, and to credit counseling in case she needed it.

It reminds me that while I cannot help every single person through the entire transition, (even if I want to!) I can start their process. It’s something that takes time. I can work to be a catalyst for change, and give hope an inspiration at the very least.

We all need to celebrate life in our own way, and I personally can’t see any better way than helping people make their lives better, even if it’s just a start. šŸ™‚

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  • Jaime, think about how many people you are helping just by putting your thoughts out there on the Internet! I bet you inspire countless people with the stories that you highlight. I sure appreciate reading your blog entries. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Heidi! I really appreciate the kind words šŸ™‚

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