Starting a Multi-Million Dollar Business Without any Industry Experience (and after Many Failed Businesses!) with Dennis Brown

CEO of Logistic Dynamics – Dennis Brown

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Dennis BrownDennis had started many businesses before but none of them seemed to really work out. Finally he jumped in a “boring” industry even though he had no experience and became one of the fastest growing companies on the Inc 500! (#298!!)

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9 responses

  • Good Interview Jaime and Dennis.

    • Hi Jaime, one take away I received was to not sit on your goals. I am in the midst of writing a few my own right now for this journey 2023. I have been taught all of my life to walk by faith and not by sight. But faith without works is dead being alone. So, I can appreciate Dennis’ time tested wisdom about making necessary moves to reach our goals. I am studying Dennis’ videos and course right now and I just get so excited and full of hope listening to him. I enjoyed your interview. A wise man once said “ it will work if you work it”.

  • Hi, Jaime! I truly LOVE listening to your podcast. It is helping to build my confidence to build my web design business and start some Internet Marketing businesses for passive income (via Pat Flynn, of course!). I want more freedom in my life!

    Anyway, I just listened to this podcast and wanted to let you know that, as my Optometric training has taught me in my “other life”, there IS actually all kinds of documentation to prove that writing things down helps you remember more accurately and even take action more readily than typing the same information. As you may already know, writing taps into the more creative side of the brain whereas typing and working on a computer tap into the more technical or mathematical part of the brain. In the field of Vision Training/Vision Therapy, a lot of the exercises involve eye-hand coordination and writing exercises. This helps retrain the brain.

    Let me know if you want me to send you links for sites to back up this information.

    Thanks again for giving so many of us hope to reach new goals/dreams 🙂

    Sincerely, Sandi

  • I just finished washing your video.Planning and sitting goals

  • Ms. Tardy and Mr. Brown,
    thank you for an insightful and honest interview about gaining
    This exposure in starting a business and your desire to succeed in a venture despite set backs.

    Mr. Brown revealed that it takes an open mind to persevere as he wasnt tied down to one

    Also, his friends and their skills and similar desires to succeed help give the cos and the latest Logistics Dynamics potential. It seems that Mr. Browns knew he was gaining skill and talent and experience and this confidence and talent were critical in keeping his associates contribuing.

    The two most critical events it seems in the success in the business were: a competent
    financial manager and owner, and the gain of the new IT software platform secured from his Canadian coworkers. The Data secured from those were invaluable.

    Both provided a solid basis by which to make critical monetary and statistical and technical decisions.

  • I am very impress about the interview of Dennis i have learnt more which gives me a stregths to go ahead for starting a business a freight broker.

    Ezekiel Sambo

  • Hi, Jaime! You both were great! bring us more of Denis and the likes of him. We learn so much listening to those who present the American dream,

    looking forward to your podcast!

  • Thank you both. The things I liked the most that I have heard from others is to not be scared of failure. That was seems to always hold me back. Everyone that ends up climbing to the top never gives up. It sounds silly, but it is so true. Also, setting the calendar on the computer to you remind you of what is important. That?s smart. Never forget your why. ?????

  • Thank you for the amazing interview! Anything that involves Dennis Brown, I’m there! I enjoyed learning to keep persisting. Starting a business is a life learning process to achievement. Personal goal reminders is a great idea.

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