SPECIAL: From Mentee To Millionaire – $2 Million Cash In Less Than 2 Years With My Client John Lee Dumas

Founder and Host of EntrepreneurOnFire – John Lee Dumas

John Lee DumasToday I am super excited to interview my former client John Lee Dumas who went from no business at all to a multi million dollar company in two years. We go over EXACTLY how he did it, and what worked and what didn’t. We also talk about going to high school together in a small town in Maine! It doesn’t matter your upbringing – you can achieve whatever lifestyle you want! šŸ™‚

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Thanks so much for listening!



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15 responses

  • Thanks Jaime! Honored to have been a guest and thank you for the amazing opportunity! YOU are a rockstar!

  • It must be totally surreal seeing your pic with that telltale yellow “Millionaire Interview” strip on Jaime’s site, John?!

    You are amazing, and I can’t wait to see where your 2015 ignition rockets you next!

    So happy to see two of my fav podcaster chatting!

    Enjoy the Journey!

  • This conversation was incredible! I took notes because both of you have incredible experience and a ‘let’s see what works’ approach to EVERYTHING you do. Thanks a million!

  • Looking forward to listening to this. John’s an inspiration for many business owners.

  • Hey Jaime/John
    This is by far the best most informative in-depth quality interview I watched here.
    Hope this will set the bar for your future interviews.
    Thank you both!

  • I’m 1/2 way thru this amazing show… and the keyword that John keeps throwing out that is resonating with me so much is “abundance” – this is such a confirmation of what I’ve been feeling!

    Several times recently I’ve told people that phrase ‘all boats rise in a high tide’ and yet there are others in my online space who are so isolationist!

    I’ve chosen to be open and share (tho I’m not showing my budgets like John LOL) and it is so much more freeing to be able to work with people together instead of fighting them to be top dog.

    Thank you John and Jaime!

    I am SO EXCITED for Millionaire Hustlers to start next week!!!!

  • Wow Jaime & John!!! That was….just AWESOME!!!!! I so enjoyed watching/listening to this podcast/episode. I so love watching video in place of listening to video.

    Jaime, in less than a year…I will be be next.

    Thanks again and have a great week,

    Mr. Avelardo Lopez / aka: Mr. Suave

  • Hey Jaime,
    On a another thought ? a critical info was missing in this interview.
    John is presented as a solo-preneur when in fact he is not.
    He has a partner ? Kate, who is apparently the marketing arm of this business and judging by the results ? she maybe a marketing genius.
    How come she never got any mention nor any credit for this amazing success? Where would John be today without this help? What was her real part in this business? Are we now looking at 160 hr/week of two great achievers & peak performers equivalent to a team of 4, which brings more sense to this success?

    Granted, John is the brand, hence this is all about him…etc? that is fine anywhere else, but not here!

    Eventual Millionaires want a look under the hood, get the whole and complete story of what is the construct of a successful business.
    If that would have delivered in this interview, then the biggest most important takeaway would have been this:
    If you are a creator of product/content/service, you better partner with a marketing genius so that the sum of the two of you 1+1 will be 11, and you?ll get to your million dollars destination faster than you can imagine.

  • Pleased with this interview both were awsome to watch and frankly it gives wealthy people a good rep to see you collaborate as such. respect.

  • Thanks for the shoutout and kind words John & Jaime.

    You guys rock! šŸ™‚

  • I really like how John puts in the hours and makes things happen šŸ™‚

  • Great episode John and Jaime! I continue to take away most from your episodes and from John that successful people get started by finding and offering value to people who are where they want to be. Thanks for the inspiration guys!

  • This was an awesome interview, great reassurance that watching EM interviews can actually turn my life around. John and Jaime you rocked on this one!!!

  • Sweet – we need a photo of punk Jamie!

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